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I am delighted to recommend Dr Adam Harris. He is a highly intelligent, organised, caring and thoughtful gastroenterologist, whose diagnostic skills are exceptional. He has served on the Council of the British Society of Gastroenterology, and is recognised nationally as an expert in the diagnosis and management of inflammatory bowel disease.
By Prof. John Bellhouse Schofield, Pathologist

I have known and worked with Adam Harris for over 10 years. He is a thoughtful and skilled clinician, expert endoscopist and has an excellent bedside manner. His care is evidence-based and up-to-date. I give my highest recommendation.
By Dr Kirstin Mary Taylor, Gastroenterologist

Highly respected and skilled gastroenterologist. Excellent opinion and very good patient care.
By Dr Amit Saha, Consultant General Physician

Dr Adam Harris a highly experienced professional who is thorough, knowledgeable and friendly.
By Dr Simon McLaughlin, Gastroenterologist

I am very happy to recommend Dr Adam Harris, who is a very experienced Gastroenterologist. He is efficient and professional and highly respected by those who have worked with him. He has expert knowledge in all aspects of Gastroenterology, especially in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Additionally, he has a great bed-side manner.
By Dr Jocelyn Fraser, Gastroenteronogist

I would recommend Dr Adam Harris: he is a senior gastroenterologist with considerable experience. Having been Secretary for the BSG, he has efficiently Chaired the BSG Clinical Standards Committee, worked with NICE and NHS England, audited GI bleeding and written national clinical guidelines.
By Dr Harriet Gordon, Gastroenterologist

He is a highly respected gastroenterologist. He brings wealth of experience and expertise to the patient care. His clinical acumen and academia especially in the field of Inflammatory Bowel Disease is exemplary.
By Dr Doddaiah Hanumantharaya, Gastroenterologist

A good opinion for inflammatory bowel disease and IBS.
By Mr Alastair Henderson, Urologist

At Digestive Health City & Docklands, we work hard to provide our patients with top-class care. You will enjoy friendly, fast and modern treatment by a highly experienced gastroenterologist. We carefully review patient satisfaction and feedback, and at Digestive Health we are continuously making improvements to our services, ensuring the highest level of care possible.

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